Google Keyword Planner: Best Tool For Every Digital Marketer

Keywords are an essential pillar in SEO, or rather in all digital marketing, from inbound marketing to outbound. They are a guide to navigate through so much content offered on the network. We can see the use of keywords reflected in different scenarios. Do you want to find a new product? Know the latest news from your favourite artist? Or find the best tool for search engine optimization? In all these cases, keywords play an essential role.

It is important to always keep them in mind because without keywords; there is no guide to start optimizing the contents of a blog entry or knowing a parameter to define Google searches where an ad will be shown (or where it should be excluded). In this way, we could say that without keywords, it is like throwing a dart without direction, so it will never reach its destination.

Suppose you do not want to work in vain on your SEO or your PPC strategy. In that case, you need to have done a solid search for keywords to attract the desired traffic with your audience’s results and thus achieve a successful increase in your traffic from Google or the leads from your campaign.

Google is one of the most recognized search engines on the market, but its search engine is not the only thing it has to offer. A keyword planner is one of the tools that it puts at your fingertips.

That is why the process of searching, analysing, selecting, and working with keywords with a tool like a keyword planner is not only necessary but also mandatory. From the beginning, his name is already successful, because without prior planning, how can we expect to know the way to achieve the desired goals?

We recommend exploring the options offered by the tool to work efficiently on your ads and make them more effective for your audience.

In the same way, it allows you to see the keywords that are positioned for a website, you just have to add it in the search volume section, and it will allow you to have an idea of ​​the words that are being worked on in that domain. This can be a great help to verify the positioning status of your site and evaluate sites that attract your attention for their quality and see the status of the competition and what is being searched in a similar area.

In conclusion, despite the difficulties that keyword planner may present at the beginning on the subject of search volumes (more if you do not invest large amounts of money in Ads), that is not why you should avoid it, but if your purpose is to use it for your Adwords campaigns. Take a ride and do the test.

In digital marketing, a good digital strategy has many coordinated elements to achieve a goal, and the tools are an essential point. Remember that in any battle, the weapons you choose can make a difference.

Perhaps after trying it, it is not 100% what you need for your business, but it will begin to be part of your tools’ repertoire.

Although keyword planner does not become your favourite, you can take advantage of it and use it to complement your keyword planning to enrich the work you are carrying out. Its operation may suit your needs. In the end, any tool that can assist you in developing a better digital marketing strategy is a good bet.